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With over 25 years systems integration experience, Digital Lifestyles is the solution to implementing and enjoying today's electronic lifestyle.

With our creative touch and state-of-the-art equipment, your home can become a destination – the go-to place for your family and friends to enjoy an enviable technology enhanced lifestyle. Whether it’s the entertainment a home theatre provides, the peace of mind a security system brings, the convenience of an energy managed or a smart-wired home, Digital Lifestyles has the ability and experience to turn that dream into reality.

We have an exceptional combination of system designers and technicians that can provide creative designs, systems integration and easy control of your home.

Digital Lifestyles understands the attention to detail and high level of service required to fully realize the true benefits of home technology.

5th annual Fundraiser Confirmed Saturday September 27th Flames Central

Our 5th annual fundraiser in support of the children of the Rainbow Society of Alberta on Saturday SEPTEMBER 27th at Flames Central Downtown Calgary was a massive success. Over $77,000 was raised in 5 hours!! A new record for the society and more importantly this will grant 16 kids and their families their wish. Thanks to Phil X The Drills (Phil, Randy and Dan), Suicide Blonde and all of those who generously contributed.

Go to to learn about how you can help grant a wish to chronically and critically ill children in Alberta

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