Conception - Design - Solution.

With over 25 years systems integration experience, Digital Lifestyles is the solution to integrating and enjoying today's electronic lifestyle.

With our resourseful designs and state-of-the-art equipment options, your home or business can become a hub:–

Be it friends or family wowed by a custom home cinema, A powerful reliable network at the office, customers enjoying the game at a bar - we have the ability and expertise, to turn whatever you envision into reality.

We have an great combination of system designers and technicians that apply their expertise to business and residential. Creative designs, systems integration and easy control are our watchwords. Be it residences, boardrooms, hotels, digital signage, restaurants, offices - If you can dream it, we can probably do it!

Digital Lifestyles understands the attention to detail and high level of service required to fully realise the true benefits of built in technology - wherever and whenever you want it.

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6th Annual Digilife Charity Rock Show Fundraiser for 2015 is over for another year.

Thank you to our trade partners, clients past and present, the public for coming along. The amount raised it still being calculated by Woods Homes kids charity, an update in due course. Pictures of the event here:

5th Annual Digilife Charity Fundraiser for 2014 A Big Hit!

Our 5th annual fundraiser in support of the children of the Rainbow Society of Alberta on September the 27th at Flames Central Club, downtown Calgary was a massive success.

Over $77,000 was raised in 5 hours! A new record for the society, more importantly this will grant 16 children and their families their wish. Thanks to 'Phil X & The Drills' (Phil, Randy and Dan), 'Suicide Blonde' and all of those who attended and generously contributed. Go to to learn how you can help.

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