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  A simple purpose drives us: We are the antidote to 'big-box' electronics installs and cookie cutter soloutions. In a word - 'boutique'. A personal attention approach, integrating seamless, usable technology into your home or business. The rapid progression of technology has brought unsurpassed digital convenience and entertainment potential to our homes and workplaces. You need an ally to cut through that noise of choices. With our expertise and guidance, you can realise a place to enjoy an enhanced, convenient and comfortable digital lifestyle - no matter your budget, size or taste. 

We believe in a fair, sensible and value based approach to enhancing your technology experience. The selection and design of the project should not depend on just any one component, rather a synergy is the result of a holistic design, the right products for the job, proper execution and a relentless commitment to quality and "getting it right". After all, any type of integrated system is of little value if the end user cannot operate or enjoy it to the full. Just because something can be done with the latest trendy technology does not mean it is the right option for you. You will have a recommended, designed and built system that is customised to fit your needs, futureproofed for enjoyment and use now, and for the years ahead. 

 Why Choose Digital Lifestyles?

  • We use established, industry leading engineering and design fundamentals.
  • We seamlessly blend function and form.
  • Up-to-date, robust, and proven technologies are used.
  • Full, transparent disclosure estimates, without vague cost numbers and missing information.
  • Detailed agreements in writing, with line by line quotes and system designs are provided.
  • We personally test and measure products in our own testing facility before deciding to sell them - if something fails to live up to our standards, we don't stock or sell it to you.
  • Fully licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Licensed and certified full time veteran techs and staff, with site supervisors - directly employed.
  • Manufacturer authorised/trained dealers for all of the brands sold and installed.
  • We install, service and warranty each of our products – we back-up our product with a written guarantee. Have a previously installed system? No problem! We service, repair and upgrade existing systems of all origins.
  • Open, real communications. No phone mazes here! Lines are answered by live staff during business hours. Your Project Manager or Systems Sales Engineer are also reachable.
  • A real professional showroom and offices you can visit, including a complete acoustically treated projection home theatre, and comfortable, no-pressure client meeting rooms.
  • We operate under real financial foundations and have the wherewithal 'muscle' to complete each project as contracted, without the requirement of progress payments. This provides peace of mind to our clients along with limiting your risk and exposure.
  • We offer client orientations and education about anything we supply.
  • Flexible, with after-hours appointments available.
  • Most importantly, we’re technology enthusiasts ourselves, we love what we do! There's a reason we don't stock some brands - If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we wouldn't feel comfortable selling it to you.