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To give back? Thats a phrase you hear often, from individuals and companies alike. At Digital Lifestyles we understand that as a responsible company we can't just expect to make widthdrawls from our community but must also make deposits in equal measure. Throughout our company history we have actively given back to local community charities that support the most vulnerable amongst us. Now in it's 8th year, Digital Lifestyles' "Rockability" charity concert series have become a legendary part of the Calgary landscape. This event alone has attracted upward of 8000 people to experience world class musicians in local intimate venues. Raising over $250,000 (net) for such local charities as The Rainbow Society of Alberta, Woods Homes and Easter Seals Alberta. All of our management and staff are actively involved in both volunteering and fundraising activities. It's just part of the company culture. 

Our proprietary FAST systems initiative leverages home automation and state of the art electronics that allow those with disabilities to have an unprecedented level of independant control in both homes and work environments. Many of these systems are provided at no cost to users and we continue to work with suppliers and charities to ensure the FAST systems are available to those who need it most.

Digital Lifestyles is committed to supporting our community. If you would like to get involved with our charitable efforts please contact us. Help is always welcome.     

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